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After a long pleasant weekend we’re back to the grind friends! Time to get back to work! ;)

Living in the middle east we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing ladies adorn a beautiful black dress. It’s almost as if they are from the royal family – so regal and mysterious. Abaya is a flowy loose black dress worn by Muslim ladies as a conservative cover. Since it is what they wear when going out, the middle east has taken ease and style into consideration. And the abaya has evolved from a black garment to various forms and styles. From abayas to kaftans, arabian style clothing has stepped on the runway because it is simply so elegant and glamorous on its own!

Here’s a look at these beauties! We say you could even wear it as a dress!

Abaya Look:

Kaftan Look:

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Have an awesome week ahead! Ma ‘salama!

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