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So footy season is on, and most nights are spent cheering and moaning for our best teams! Now football is not just limited to the field, these guys know they’re being closely watched by their fans. So it’s not just the game they are kicking at, but also when it comes to style! Here’s a survey we did and picked out 5 best dressed footballers from the Euro World Cup 2012!

Name: Cristiano Ronaldo

Team: Portugal

Style: Casual or suited up, he looks as good as a model!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Name: Joe Hart

Team: England

Style: Wears casual the best, chinos, khakis and jackets is what you will see him in most!

Joe Hart

Name: Gerard Pique

Team: Spain

Style: Modern, carefree casual

Gerard Pique

Name: Mesut Ozil

Team: Germany

Style: Jeans, t-shirt and a jacket and he does that pretty well.

Mesut Ozil

Name: Mario Balotelli

Team: Italy

Style: Rebellious and controversial in nature and style.

Mario Balotelli

Tell us who you think is the best dressed in the current Euro world cup team!

Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend! So get your fav sports gear together & make the best out of it!

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